Thank YOU Dr. Mike and Dr. Katie for giving me my life back! I had lived with constant lower back and sciatica pain for years, and even considered back surgery. I had seen 4 other chiropractors but the pain never subsided. Sometimes the adjustments were so rough, that I often left other offices in worse pain. So when my friend suggested I try "A Good Life", I just put it off....but "A Good Life" is like no other chiropractic office and Dr. Mike and Dr. Katie are like no other chiropractors I have ever met. The office has a really cool vibe, and the staff couldn't be any more welcoming and kind. The adjustments are done with ease and you just instantly feel better. I have only been seeing Dr. Mike for 5 weeks and I am already pain free. The best story I can share about being pain-free involves my 4-year old son. He loves to turn up the music and dance and is always asking me to lift him up swing him around. Due to the pain I used to be in, I could never dance with him...or if I did, I could barely walk the next day. However, just this past week, we turned up the music and danced and danced. It brought tears to my eyes to hear his joy and laughter. I just know this will be a memory we will cherish forever. That wouldn't have been possible just 5 weeks ago. So if you are having the same thoughts about chiropractic care as I once did, I urge you to reconsider.  Walking into "A Good Life" has really changed the quality of my life. Give them a chance to change yours. You won't be disappointed!  Tara Todd



Before Dr. Michael, I had pain in my shoulders, and lower back. He not only helped me with these issues, but showed me a different, more calm way of approaching my whole life. He provides a welcoming environment, and is always in tune with the needs of his patients. I look forward to my visits, and the positive energy and attitude that I leave with every time. Thank you!!!    C.J.



I came in with a walker to see Dr. Mike. He explained how subluxations can interfere with my nerves and body movement. I told him that when I got off the table I'd better be able to tap dance. I got adjusted that one time and I have not used my walker since. That was 2 years ago and I've been tap dancing ever since.  Bernie S.



It is amazing how much better I feel! I have come a long way! Before I started coming here, I could not bend, walk, or stand without being in pain. Now I can do all of those things!  I also used to have really bad ankle pain, to the point that I could not stand or walk long distances, but now I do not have any pain.  I can now bend over and touch my toes and the floor without bending my knees, which I have not been able to do in years! I was in a lot of pain for a really long time and took pain medication after pain medication. Those medications would relieve the pain but never take it away. I thank God everyday that I found Dr. Mike. He is a godsend! Blache H. 69 yrs. old



I have been coming to The Good Life for 3 years now. When I first started, I got adjusted regularly, but then started to "slack off" from my care. Recently, I got officially re-evaluated to get back on track again. I got adjusted 3 times a week for a few weeks, then twice a week, and now I am on a once a week adjustment plan. I experienced irregular menstrual cycles - which were accompanied by terrible stomach cramps and back pain. Since I started back with Dr. Mike, he has helped me feel a lot healthier, and I am thankfully regulated and "cramp and back pain free." Thanks Good Life! D.S.



I never thought of going to a Chiropractor. It was my husband's boss that told us how easy it is for insurance companies to cover massages and adjustments. We decided to try it out. I've had neck and shoulder pains for three years. After my first adjustment I noticed a decrease in the pain. The next noticeable change came from my co-workers. They told me how excited they are that I am no longer cracking my own neck any longer. Another thing amazing about my chiropractic experience is I've never had dreams and people have explained it may have been because I can't reach a deep enough sleep. Remarkably only after two adjustments I had my first experience of a dream! I woke up feeling lighter and having more energy. I couldn't wait to share my experience.

I have been a yoga instructor for the past year. The reason I came here is because I was getting dizzy during yoga assanas. Another yoga instructor suggested I should get checked by a "Holistic" Chiropractor. Since seeing Mike my neck and shoulders have loosened, allowing me more flexibility to achieve yoga posses I was unable to hold. This in turn helps with my classes I can see the benefits of my recovery trickle down to my students. V.C.



I am 58; and I have to share this story. My younger brother and I spent four days planting trees down south. At the end of our stay and 6,000 trees later, my brother was bent over and complaining about his back hurting. He couldn't believe when I told him I have no back pain, just a little sore in the legs. Thanks to my regular visits I feel younger than my brother!  L. Jones



I am an athlete at Vineland High School and I never truly believed in Chiropractic. My sister and my father get adjusted by Dr. Mike all the time but that still didn't convince me. Every time I came into Doctor Mike's office he asked me to get adjusted but I continually shook off his requests. I did not believe the truth in his suggestions. I put off coming in for a few more months; I guess I just wanted to stick to the only way I've ever known, the "shake it off andeat a protein shake" way. After two leg surgeries, I was regaining my stregnth. I figured I'd give Chiropractic a shot. After my first adjustment I noticed IMMEDIATE improvements in my athletic performance. Ever since that first adjustment I've been thoroughly convinced, that along with hard training, visits to Doctor Mike are all I need to succeed in any of the 3 sports I participate in Football, Wrestling, and Track. Andrew A. 16 yrs. old



I began seeing Dr. Mike last week and since then I have had 5 nights of good sleep. I have not slept that well in about 2 years! Also since Wednesday of last week I have not had any acid reflux, which I used to have at least 3 times per week. Is it a coincidence? I don't think so! Lou C.



I noticed that every year when this season begins I have BRONCHITIS. This Year I HAVE NOT BEEN SICK AT ALL. In only 7-8 adjustments I was totally healthy just as Mike had suggested. Ireana B.



At this point I am skiing the best I have ever skied in my whole life. I feel like I could ski for longer periods of time now. It's Unexplainable. I now have no pain the next day. Before I started seeing Mike I would have trouble walking after I would ski. My friends and family would say that I was too old for this, but now that's not the case. It's a HUGE success story! John F. 45 yrs. old